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Authors and Series - Eververse

So I have been blogging about some of the books that I have read and ya now.. I really have not really put a dent in them.. so with this being February 1st.  I will blog weekly about my favorite author's and their series.  Let's start out with a good friend of mine.

Stella and Audra Price.  The Price can check out their website at  There you can find the world of Eververse. Let's start out with a little history.  I met Stella last year at the Romantic Times convention in Orlando, FL.  She is a very fun lovin' gal.  A little wacked ... well aren't we all but has a great heart.  After meeting her I started to read her books... well kind of backwards.  I started with the DuVall, Inc. series and there were some characters that I was like okay he's a demon.. exiled prince yadi-yadi-ya.. but didn't get the jist of the story until I started the Evereverse Series.


The first book in the Eververse Series is Sugar and Sin.
This is the first book in the Eververse series and it is quite different from other books that I have read. You have royal demons, 1/2 demons and witches. The story starts out with two modern day James Bond, the dynamic dual Fallon and Feyd. They are hitmen... thieves... they LOVE women, you name it, they'll do it.. even the women. They are sent out by their boss to recover a stolen spell. They killed the werewolf that was suppose to have stolen a spell. They kill him before they got further information but finds out that his "girlfriend" may have kept it. The hit is now on her...

Ashlyn has no idea what is going on... her friend is killed, she's on the run and ask the help of her friend Astrid and head to Shadow Heights. One night when Ashlyn and Astrid were asleep the hitmen comes for Ashlyn... The man that is there to kill her happens to be the same one she has been talking to for a few weeks in very explicit ways and the other hitman happens to be her flatmate's long lost boyfriend ... Things get complicated...

You are introduced to the Afterverse where demons dwell and the exiled Prince, Cassiel (Cash). He is working his way back to reclaim the throne in Afterverse... he is plotting his way back along with claiming allies to do so. Arcady... a pleasure demon has the nickname of Mr. Fantasy with the ladies and also helps the dynamic dual as much as he can.  I thought that this is a great first book into this world where there are unanswered questions.. reader may be like huh... but some questions will be answered as the book goes on and other I can't wait to read the other books for them to be revealed.

The next book in this series is Silk and Steel... ah Mr. Fantasy...
Silk and Steel starts where Sugar and Sin leave off... Arcady is asked to go to Russia to look for his friend Fallon's long lost cousin, Alice. He finds her in the most unusual place. She is not the Alice that they thought they would find.. she is an enforcer... Prince Dimitri's enforcer and he gives her soul over to his older brother Cash in the states. Reliving and remembering the pains of her past and reuniting with her cousin Fallon, she finds the support and love from the incubus Arcady. She needs someone to take care of her and he needs someone to take care of....

Silk and Steel is a great read right after Sugar and Sin. I loved Arcady is Sugar and Sin, but in Silk and Steel I love him more for showing a more tender side to Fallon's long lost cousin. With the ending of Silk and Steel I cannot wait to continue the Eververse series with Frost and Flame..
Next on the list is Frost and Flame.. Cash and Faris...

The story again, picks up where Silk and Steel left off. A little one is expected which pushes Cash's time line up to get back to the Afterverse. He bargains with his friend to convince other kingdoms and exiled princes to give him their support. Throughout the book, you see how calculating Cash is to get where he wants to be and that is back home and to be the true king. There are people in his way Fuerty and his half brother Gabe. They will die but when is still a mystery. He also has his suspicions about Fallon and Snow but has not share it with his princess or anyone else. They are special and powerful.. but how? As this book continues, you meet character from different kingdoms and how they all intertwine together in one way or another. You have your loyal servant in Sallos but with what his king did to him, he now has made an enemy out of. You have the passive Murphy who thinks his race is beneath the others however Cash know that he is a very powerful demon. Oscar who is ever faithful to his friend Cash and wouldn't even think twice to take out his brother, Drake, down if he had to... and many more very awesome character that I did not mention. There are twists and turns to get to the end result... to go home and be a great king of the Afterverse. This book has a great balance of action, adventure and HOTNESS!!!

The latest book.. Masquerade... OHHHH EMMMM GEEEEE.. Can I get an Oscar please.. I LOVE HIM!  He is a gentleman on so many different level but when the door is closed.. YEAH!
This has all your favorite character from earlier books: Fallon, Astrid, Cash, Faris and others, however this focuses more on Oscar (Conglacio General - Ice Demon) and Uriel a Congalcio noblewoman.

Hidden from the Congalcio court, Uriel finds herself an interest to the old king's bastard son Gabbe. Keeping an eye on Gabbe in the Afterverse for the true heir and King of the Congalcio, Cassiel (Cash), Oscar diverts Gabbe in his plan to have an heir with a Congalcio woman.

Uriel, raised by her father is innocent since she was not tutored in the pleasure courts when she came of age, is curious about the General. Oscar sees her as a true beauty pure and precious. As their courtship progresses, Oscar found the one that is a true lady that would be best suit his station along with one that best suits him behind closed doors. Will Astrid be successful bringing Queen Jolie back ... Will Gabbe find out where his true place in the family lie ... will the next generation of demons come at last... and there is a secret that when it is revealed will affect not only Uriel and Oscar but the whole Congalico royal house.. READ and find out...

It a toss up between Masquerade and Frost & Flame as my favorite book in the series. The EVERVERSE ROCKS!!!

The next book to come out is Leather and Moonshine which is Drake's book.  
Of what Stella has told me.. I am anticipating its release.  AUDRA.. GETA WRITING WILL YA!  She's with child and soon to pop.  You can purchase these books from the links on their website.  They also have free reads there too to give you a glimpes of the Eververse world.  

Okee later on this week.. I will post more on the other series by Stella and Audra Price.. but until now.. stop by and check it out..

OH OH.. also.. Stella is helping Jaquelyn Frank organize the 2nd annual AUTHORS AFTER DARK:  ROMANCE UNLIMITED WEEKEND.  Check it out.  Where can you hang with your favorite paranormal romance authors like this... check out

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