Tuesday, July 27, 2010


A book I have been waiting for...


Nuff said... gotta go read! 

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

It's been a while...

PHEW.. it's been a while since I have blogged.  It's been a long few months with some personal medical issues and other stuff that has prevented me from being.. well me.  Slowly but surely I'm getting back to normal but after this long road it will be a while.  So in my free time what have I been doing?  Well I'm glad you asked.. I have been reading.. DUH.

I have discovered a new author that I absolutely LOVE her books.  She is Chole Neill author of the Chicagoland Vampire Series.  Here is a list of the books that are currently available..

Some Girls Bite is the 1st book in the series introducing Merit a former grad student to the world of Chicago vampire who just came out.  She was attacked and campus and was changed by Master Vampire of the Cadogan House, Ethan Sullivan (he is SUPER yummy).  Cadogan House is one of 3 houses in the Chicago area.  Its such a great first book to such a great series.

Friday Night Bites is the 2nd book in the Chicagoland Vampire series.  Once again, Merit who is now Sentinel of Cadogan House is working for Ethan Sullivan (SO DREAMY) and is talked into rejoining the socialites of Chicago to investigate why her old friend and journalist Nicholas Breakenridge is trying to make vampires look evil to the human world.  Nothing boring about Merit and Ethan I can tell you that!

Twice Bitten, the latest release takes Merit and Ethan into the world of shifters as a conference is held in Chicago.. OH OH MERIT and ETHAN.. nuff said :)  This books bring you a little more into the vamp and were world with Gabriel, Apex to the North American Pack learning a disappointing betrayal by someone close to him in the pack and Ethan and Merit playing security for the conference.  I'm really interest to see what Gabriel sees in Merit's future when it comes to his son... what am I talking about... READ THE BOOKS :)

What else have I have been reading... well my other FAVORITE authors of course!! 

YEAH BABY!!  Rapture Untamed!  Jag's book.. you have NO IDEA I was waiting a year for this book.  After she released 3 books Desire Untamed, Obsession Untamed and Passion Untamed, in 3 months it was a long and painful wait but IT WAS WORTH IT!  Jag is the ass of the bunch and he likes it that way until he meets Olivia a Therian Guard.  She has a secret that she is keep as does he.  As a strong willed woman can only do, Olivia breaks through the cold wall that Jag has built around his heart and she shows him what true love is all about.  PAMELA.. WRITE FASTER :)  The next book up will be Kougar's book which she touched a little bit about his history and his MATE.. yes MATE!  and... there is a cliffhanger too *sigh*

T-minus... RELEASE NEXT TUESDAY!!!  YES!  This will be it!  WHOO HOO!

Okay.. I need to rest now but I realized there is another series I have not mentioned and of course Shelly Laurenston's new book so I will blog about that in the next few day!  HAPPY READING EVERYONE!!  Until next time!