Tuesday, January 26, 2010


This only happens every few Tuesday where I am super duper excited and today is a Tuesday that I'm totally stoked!  A booke I have been waiting for to be release is Ecstasy Unveiled by Larrisa Ione. 

If you have not read any of her books yet.. DO SO!  This is her 4th book in the Demonica Series.  Lore's book.. who is Lore.. dude.. read the first 3 books.  The series is based on a group of Seminus demons who are doctors, paramedics .. okay those in the medical profession who run a demon hospital.  LOVE LOVE the brother in the stories..

The first book Pleasure Unbound sets the tone and the story of the brothers.  This is Eidolon's story.. head doctor at the hospital .. AND HOT!

Second book in the series is Desire Unchained.  Shade's book and Eidolon's brother... OH SHADE.. LOVE HIM..

The third book is Passion Unleashed... AH Wraith.. the younger and troublesome brother... oh did I mention he is half vamp?  Yup vamp lovers.. he is.

Why are my descriptions vague.. dude.. I told you who were in the books.. NOW its you that needs to read it.  They are awesome.  I had the privilege to meet Larrisa at RT last year and I have my books signed by her.  She is super AWESOME ... dude.. she really is.

Okee what else do I have under my sleeves... ummm other than Ecstasy Unveiled which I will be buying today.. I am thinking about getting Everlasting Kiss by Amanda Ashley (vamp book)
and Pridemates:  Shifter Unbound (shifter book) by Jennifer Ashley.  Yeah I'm shifter-ing it.  Since Laurenston and Palmer brought me to that side.  Let's see if Jennifer Ashley can be comparable. 

I have been reading the dragons series by GA Aikens (Shelly Laurenston).  Its based in old times different world setting. I have actually really enjoyed it.. however it does not have the humor like the Pack or Pride series.  Here are the books..

Also I have been reading Three Day To Dead by Kelly Meding. 

It got great snaps from Jeaniene Frost and you all know I FAN GIRL Jeaniene.. so far the book has an interesting concept.  I will review it when I'm done with it...

Happy Reading and if you have not checked out any of these book.. What are you waiting for?  An invitation?  HE HE...

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