Tuesday, January 26, 2010


This only happens every few Tuesday where I am super duper excited and today is a Tuesday that I'm totally stoked!  A booke I have been waiting for to be release is Ecstasy Unveiled by Larrisa Ione. 

If you have not read any of her books yet.. DO SO!  This is her 4th book in the Demonica Series.  Lore's book.. who is Lore.. dude.. read the first 3 books.  The series is based on a group of Seminus demons who are doctors, paramedics .. okay those in the medical profession who run a demon hospital.  LOVE LOVE the brother in the stories..

The first book Pleasure Unbound sets the tone and the story of the brothers.  This is Eidolon's story.. head doctor at the hospital .. AND HOT!

Second book in the series is Desire Unchained.  Shade's book and Eidolon's brother... OH SHADE.. LOVE HIM..

The third book is Passion Unleashed... AH Wraith.. the younger and troublesome brother... oh did I mention he is half vamp?  Yup vamp lovers.. he is.

Why are my descriptions vague.. dude.. I told you who were in the books.. NOW its you that needs to read it.  They are awesome.  I had the privilege to meet Larrisa at RT last year and I have my books signed by her.  She is super AWESOME ... dude.. she really is.

Okee what else do I have under my sleeves... ummm other than Ecstasy Unveiled which I will be buying today.. I am thinking about getting Everlasting Kiss by Amanda Ashley (vamp book)
and Pridemates:  Shifter Unbound (shifter book) by Jennifer Ashley.  Yeah I'm shifter-ing it.  Since Laurenston and Palmer brought me to that side.  Let's see if Jennifer Ashley can be comparable. 

I have been reading the dragons series by GA Aikens (Shelly Laurenston).  Its based in old times different world setting. I have actually really enjoyed it.. however it does not have the humor like the Pack or Pride series.  Here are the books..

Also I have been reading Three Day To Dead by Kelly Meding. 

It got great snaps from Jeaniene Frost and you all know I FAN GIRL Jeaniene.. so far the book has an interesting concept.  I will review it when I'm done with it...

Happy Reading and if you have not checked out any of these book.. What are you waiting for?  An invitation?  HE HE...

Til next time

Thursday, January 14, 2010


So it looks like I will have an itty bitty procedure done on my shoulder.  I noticed this lump on my shoulder umm a while ago but within the last month or two I noticed that the color of my skin has turned to a purple-ish bruise color.  Anywho.. I hate going to doctors so I called and made an appointment with a new doc.  Someone closer to my house.  After she looked at it she said that she wanted x-rays done to make sure that it is not on the bone.  WTF.. a lump from the bone.. is that possible.  Anywho.. after my appt. I went to get the x-rays done.  WOW... they turned the x-rays around FAST.. she got the results that same afternoon.  It is not on the bone.. which is good but at this time its inconclusive and wanted to know if I wanted it out.. HELL YEAH I want it out.  So I have an appointment with the surgeon on the 1st of February and we will see.. so since I talk a lot about books here is something about my life.   I will post again in a day or so and a FAB author Pamela Palmer.. I think I will be fan girling her too!  Oh .. and TOBY COMES HOME THIS WEEKEND!

I'm done.. til next time!

Wednesday, January 06, 2010


TOTALLY forgot to share this.. we have a forth in the family... right now, he is my nephew's dog... but I have a feeling that he will be joining my household soon....Here he is.. Baby Toby!

This is baby Toby at almost 9 weeks old

He will grow up to be a 13 inch beagle

Toby is taking a nap here

He's wrapped up in his blanket.. that is is actual size.. he's a little bigger than the remote

He asked to use my laptop to blog.. look how small he is

The reason why my nephew wanted a beagle is because of my guy on the left Q-Tip.  Q just turned 7 so he's wondering what that pup is doing.  BEAGLE BABIES RULE!



So it's the beginning of a new decade.... I hope that you're holiday went well... I for one am HAPPY that it is over. Why is it that it was so much fun as a child and it sucks as an adult? Any who... the last time I blogged I was chatting away about Shelly Laurenston's Magnus Pack series. If you haven't picked it up yet... umm.. why not? Her other series that is totally good is her Pride series. You get a feel of what the pride is about in the pack series but for serious Laurenston's books have yet to let me down.

The first book in the series is The Mane Event. Its a two for one-er with 1st of the two called Christmas Pride which is the story of Mace Llewellyn (lion shifter) and Desiree "Dez" MacDermot. This story give you a good foundation of what the series will hold. Mace is part of the well known and wealthy Llewellyn Pride who has always loved Dez MacDermot since he was a skinny kid all those years ago. Since coming back from the Navy (he was a Navy Seal) he want to live his own life away from his sisters and the pride and open up a business with his best friend Smitty who happens to be a werewolf and now head of the NY Smith Pack. The second part of the book is Shaw's Tail. It follows the endind of the Christmas Pride really well.. Who am I kidding.. all her ending to the books flow SO WELL into the other. I loved it. Anywho... Shaw.. Brendon Shaw... could I find a lion like that? He is a hotel owner and a lion shifter who gets hurt in a fight and is nursed back by Ronnie Lee Reed, beta female of the NY Smith Pack. I would say so much about it that I would give it away and tell you ... GO GET IT! SO GOOD!

The second book in the Pride series is The Beast in Him.. oh Bobby Ray Smith (leader of the NY Smith Pack) ..such a romantic. This is Bobby Ray's (Smitty) book. He and Mace have opened thier business... NOT going to tell you what it is.. read the book :) WHen he finds a ghost from his past by what she is known now is Jessica Ward.. to him, she will always be the shy wild dog shifter Jessie Ann Ward. She has broken out of shy shell and is now alpha of the her own pack.... will Bobby Ray convince Jessie Ann that they belong together... read it :)

Book three in the series The Mane Attraction.. Okay can I just say that with each new book, Laurentson does NOT miss a beat or are there gaps in between. Its flows so well and THIS is my favorite book of the series thus far.. Two words... Mitch & Sissy Mae. Mitch Shaw (lion shifter) is Brendon's younger brother Sissy Mae Smith (werewolf and little sister to Bobby Ray & alpha female of the NY Smith Pack) are such a hoot together. I swear I laughed so much with these two. After the event is the second book, Mitch get's hurt and Sissy Mae being his partner in crime wants to protect him and brings him where?? to Tenessee. Mitch is the BIGGEST drama king known to man. Its so great! I loved this story..

The fourth book hate the cover.. loved the book... The Mane Squeeze is about Gwen O'Neill (Mitch's sister & lion shifter) and Lachlan 'Lock' MacRyrie (bear shifter). Okay when I thought seriously vamp girl reading about bear shifters... DUDE... I loved it! Gwen the tough Philly lioness and Lock the all so calm Jersey Bear hooking up? Great story. You have a hockey player and a roller derby chick! AND... much much more... I cannot wait to see where to takes us next.

With all her books, the character from the other books just don't fall off the face of the book, the continue on in the series with the main characters of the books.

PICK UP SHELLY LAURENSTON'S PRIDE SERIES.. after Magnus Pack of course..

Fingers are tired.. next time I think I will go back to talking about vamps ;-)