Monday, February 15, 2010

Birthday and First Drop of Crimson

So it is Monday and looking at the calendar.. my nephew Steven will be 21 tomorrow..  How time has flown by when I was taking this cute little boy around with me where ever I go.  Now he has grown up to be a good kid and a fine young man.  I wish I could turn back time and get to hold that little boy again... *sigh*.. I'm getting old...

okee enough of the mush... OHHHHHHHHH EMMMMMMMMMMMM GEEEEEEEEEEEEEE  great book I read last week and I blogged about the author herself.. JEANIENE FROST.  First Drop of Crimson, the first book in the Night Huntress World.  ROCKED... she does not disappoint her readers AT ALL!  

In the Night Huntress Series, you meet Spade and get bits and pieces of his past and who he is. In First Drop of Crimson the questions that you may have had or yearning to know about Spade is revealed.

Denise, Cat's best friend, has lost her husband, Randy in a New Year's Eve battle (At Grave's End). She has disconnect herself from the vampire world until a demon targets her family members. Her ancestor had made a deal with the demon and reneged on the deal. Now the demon had branded her and wants her to find him and turn him over to the demon. Not knowing where to turn and not wanting to get her best friend and husband killed... she calls Spade.

Spade who does not have "relationships" with human except to feed and shag, agrees to help her but can't deny the attraction that he had when he first met her on the New Year's Eve when her husband died. Not wanting to involve his best friend (Bones) and his wife he agrees to help. And in the mean time denying and surpressing the emotions that only one other raised in him 150 years ago.

Their adventure trucks them between the US and Europe to find her relative. In the mist of all the jet lag and time zone changes... the essence of the demon has been working its course through Denise. What happens during their adventure will shock and touch you... questions are answered and pasts are revealed.

Your favorite characters from the Night Huntress series are present in the book... Cat, Bones, Fabian, Mencheres and Ian. Ian is such an arrogant a** but is so funny!

I really really enjoyed this book.. Jeaniene Frost does not disappoint. You get a hint of a set up for the next book in the Night Huntress world which according to Jeaniene Frost's website is due out July 2010. A must read for Night Huntress Fans!

As stated in the last blog.. the Night Huntress Series is a MUST READ!  *points at self*  FAN GIRL

Until next time and.. Happy 21st Birthday Steven!


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