Wednesday, December 16, 2009


Yeah its been over a month.. bad blogger.. bad blogger.. anywho .. Turkey Day came and went.. yeah not even gonna go there with that one and Christmas is around the corner ... literally.. like next week.. Have a I started shopping nope.. but somehow I have been tremendously busy.. sorry to all my friend that I have not been able to catch up with.. its been crazy in the Tran household with me and the two dogs. Anywho I caught a new author recently thanks to dear friends of mine, and LOVE HER. Where the hell have I been and why didn't I pick up her books earlier...

Shelly Laurenston everyone.. *applaude* her Magnus Pack and Pride series are a must read. If you have not yet.. the heck are you waiting for. I am a vamp girl through and through however Pamela Palmer and Shelly Laurenston is turning into dare I say it .. shifter lover... anywho.. here a run down of her books..

Magnus Pack series follows three friends through their adventure into the shifter world. The first book in the series Pack Challenge is about Sara Morrighan. Her parents died when she was very young and was raised by her grandmother. She had this limp in her leg since she was a child due to an animal attack that her and her father went through. She always had the love and support of her two best friends Miki Kendrick and Angie Santiago. However a stanger comes into town looking for her. Not only is he a stanger but a hot biker named Zach Sheridan. What she doesn't know that he is part of a pack... a pack of shifters - wolves called the Magnus Pack and the pack that her parents were a part of. However, the road to Sara's destiny is not a smooth one due to a rival Pride. This is a great first book in the series.. it set it up so well and if you love paranormal romance with a sense of humor... this is where to start.

Next... Go Fetch.. okee what kind of a title is this.. well you have to know Miki Kendrick to get it. This next book is about Miki, one of Sara's best friends. A genius of a girl that love bikes, brawling and books. She caught the eye of Zach's friend Conall Vga-Feilan. A viking of a man that Conall is, he tries to catch the every running Miki who hides from this shifter. Not only does she catch the eye of Conall also a pack of hyena shifter try to take a hold of her in order to get to her friend Sara... okee LOVE MIKI.. her wise crack, smart ass attitude.. she won me over. Conall, such a sweet and patient man.. they make the perfect couple... Why is it called Go Fetch... well to me its because Miki and Zach have this love/hate-tolerate relationship. She likes to push his button so since he is a wolf, she tell him to go fetch a lot... LOVE IT

The third book... Here Kitty Kitt is Angelina's book. She mets her own shifter as well. Like Miki, Angelina is full human however don't let her looks fool you. She will kick anyones ass in designer shoes. She like Miki, are targeted by a hyena pack. She is "kidnapped" my a family of tiger shifters. Nik Vorislav is the eldest Siberian tiger brothers have to deal with the fact that his younger brothers kidnapped Angie in order to save her from the hyenas. Keeping her safe until the Magnus Pack comes and collect her, she must stay and deal with Nik and his family. The chemistry between these two.. WOW.. just WOW.. LOVE IT

Okee that is the Magnus Pack series.. I will blog about the Pride series soon. I would now, but my fingers are tired. SO until then, pick up the Magnus Pack series by Shelly Laurenston. Paranormal romance with humor.. you won't be disappointed!

Until next time...

Thursday, November 05, 2009

Thursday.. yeah that's about it

Let's start with the Bridget Jones check list:

Male companion: None
Cigarettes smoked this morning: 2
Coffee this morning: 2 cups
Water this morning: 1 bottle
Can of Diet Coke: not yet.. I'm still letting it warm up a bit (yes, I like it room temp)
Hours of slacking so far this morning: ummm 2 hours maybe :)

So friends of mine are having a little scavenger hunt. If you're a reader and want to win a bag of stuff.. check out for details.

I have been talking to Stella and it looks like AAD next year will be in Sept sometime. And... we should know concrete dates by this weekend.. then the planning will begin.

Ya know.. I think I missed my calling to be a party planner... :D

Okee.. stuff is happening at work so I will try to blog again sometime this weekend.

Hang tight y'all and happy reading!

Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Still undecided

I was asked by a friend of mine... whatcha gonna blog about... review book? You know.. maybe.. however I have a friend that reviews books sooooo much better than I do.. right Tash? But I may just start out slow with that and throw in some what's happening in my world kinda thing too.

Let's start with the Bridget Jones check list:

Male companion: None
Cigarettes smoked this morning: 2
Coffee this morning: 2 cups
Water this morning: 1 bottle
Hours of slacking so far this morning: 1 hour and 15 minutes :)

Now... What's going on in my world. Let's just say that my company is giving in to the recession feel. We have tried and hold on for 11 months now and now... have to do the inevitable. *looks at follower* okee no employees following me... I'm laying off 20% of our work force next Monday. I have the list of names. Some peeps, I'm doing the happy dance about... others who are dedicated and hard workers, I have to look at and smile like nothing is wrong. We're hoping to do call backs in 6-8 weeks. Crossing my fingers and toes on that one.

Books: what am I reading... Umm an assortment of books at this time. Darkfever by KMM, Queene of Light by Jennifer Armintrout... hold up.. I just noticed a theme here. FAE! I'm a vamp girl with occasional demons and shifters... but FAE? OMG.. I need to take my temperature.. I think instead of the Swine Flu I have the Fae Flu...

Okee.. well that was about a lot of rambling nothing.. so I'm off to do what I'm paid to do and see what the day unfolds for me...

Happy Reading!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

What's going on! Nothing.. it's only Thursday

So a week ago today I was super excited about AAD a week later.. sitting at my desk.. again.. and blogging. What's new that happened. Well... the planning for AAD 2010 is going to start soon. I'm super excited about that. Also planning on what cons to go to next year. AAD is a for sure thing. Stella would kill me if I don't. Then I don't know if I want to do RT again this year. *shrug* The jury is stil out on that one batman.

I have been in contact with the fabulous authors from AAD. They are so cool... I mean as a fan and reader its comparable to meeting a super star. But they are so done to earth that its so easy to talk to them. Okee anywho... my group on Shelfari has picked the book of the month and it happens to be Jennifer Armintrout's new series. So the group has spoken and we will be reading Queene of Light and Child of Darkness for November. If you would like to check out my group... go to and look for the group Just the Vamps. I have it locked down to due VERY adult material. Stella Price, Jennifer Turner and Jaye Wells are members of this group and I have extended the invitation to Jennifer Armintrout, Joey Hill and Mima to the group. Cross fingers that they come and play.

Also... I am mod of another group called Shadow Heights...

Come and play with me...

I heard some fantastic news from Sunny that there will be a single author anthology for her Mona Lisa series. That's super cool!

Okee I think I am done... for now... must go and do some work!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Let's get started!

Okee since I read and have started to attend convos I thought why the heck not, let's start a blog since I spend a lot of my time on Shelfari.. why not waste more time :-) Just kidding. Where to start.. okee... SO this past year so far has been pretty awesome when it comes to the reading world. I have met SOOOOO many awesome people from all over the world that share my passion of reading paranormal romance & urban fantasy books.

This year at the last minute, I decided to take a trip down to the Romantic Times (RT) Convention down in Orlando, Florida. I decided to go.. oh 10 days before the event. I truly went to see some people: Renee, Marcella and Tash. I got a bonus that I also met Rhonda, Marissa, Kerry, Suzanne and my very close friend now.. author Stella Price (1/2 of the writing team of Stella and Audra Price). Also, during that time I got to met my FAVORITE authors too such as Jeaniene Frost.. I SO FAN GIRL HER, Joey W Hill.. the nicest person EVER!... Larissa Ione.. so cool and also Jocelyn Drake, Melissa Marr, Mark Henry, Sunny.. OMG.. so many to name. It was good times, got signed book from them all!

After that... more and more reading. During that time, I developed a group called Just the Vamps on Shelfari. My friend Amy who lives on an island in the pacific stayed back and held down the fort there. I devoured so many books and yes, I have a book addiction.

After RT, Stella and I talked ALL the time and I got the priveldge to read her and Audra's rough works. A reader's dream come true I tell ya! Stella was prepping for her own convo called Author's After Dark Paranormal Weekend. Girl worked her ASS off along with putting out a few books during that time too! She IS the Tazamanian Devil!

Well with all that.. AAD was this past weekend in Suffern, NY. My girl Renee and Suzanne made it to the event. Marcella was suppose to come over from Ireland but she got sick and was not able to make it. SO SAD! To sum it up.. the weekend was AWESOME! It was small and intimate and you know what.. IT WAS AWESOME! RT is really big and AAD, is very intimate and you get to really have one on one time with the authors. I AM JOEY HILL'S NEW FAN GIRL! I JUST LOVE HER! If you have not had a chance to read Stella & Audra Price's book or Joey Hill's books... WHAT THE HECK ARE YOU WAITING FOR?

Okee.. Let's start there and see if I can continue this blog...