Thursday, January 14, 2010


So it looks like I will have an itty bitty procedure done on my shoulder.  I noticed this lump on my shoulder umm a while ago but within the last month or two I noticed that the color of my skin has turned to a purple-ish bruise color.  Anywho.. I hate going to doctors so I called and made an appointment with a new doc.  Someone closer to my house.  After she looked at it she said that she wanted x-rays done to make sure that it is not on the bone.  WTF.. a lump from the bone.. is that possible.  Anywho.. after my appt. I went to get the x-rays done.  WOW... they turned the x-rays around FAST.. she got the results that same afternoon.  It is not on the bone.. which is good but at this time its inconclusive and wanted to know if I wanted it out.. HELL YEAH I want it out.  So I have an appointment with the surgeon on the 1st of February and we will see.. so since I talk a lot about books here is something about my life.   I will post again in a day or so and a FAB author Pamela Palmer.. I think I will be fan girling her too!  Oh .. and TOBY COMES HOME THIS WEEKEND!

I'm done.. til next time!


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